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Our Services

  • Jewelry Repair And Restyling On-site
  • Appraisals and Recutting Services
  • Custom design in any metals or gems
  • Exceptional Consignments
  • Purchase or Trade Precious Metals And/or Diamonds
  • Free Jewelry Cleaning And Inspection
  • Watch Repair Services
  • Payment Flexibility And Layaway!

J.Thomson Custom Jewelers Services

J. Thomson Custom Jewelers has created over 15,000 unique jewelry designs since 1993, for thousands of clients worldwide with four expert contract jewelers, and four on site jewelers, our personal service and experience allows us to design and manufacture a piece from a day to a month or less in almost all cases. J. Thomson Custom Jewelers can make anything "You Desire" with our metals and gems or your special "family" sentimental materials with several jewelry design and creation techniques available. We can hand fabricate in platinum, gold, or silver and/or create a wax design, then cast and set. We also utilize the latest 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) technology for precise or very detailed design projects. This ability allows us to custom design pieces for anyone with email in any part of the world. The client has an important role in the design process to approve every step up to the final product. Email us your idea and a brief description of the project and we can reply with a quote within 24 hours or less, and in many cases, much quicker. "Where Your Jewelry Dreams Come True®" only at J.Thomson Custom Jewelers.

Exceptional Appraisal And Recutting Services

J. Thomson Custom Jewelers has re-cut many chipped and damaged diamonds, as well as Lab Certification of loose stones for resale. Please call us for this special service today. Appraisals can be very confusing with many different reasons that a person wants an appraisal. The Number one reason is for jewelry insurance. Whether you use your homeowners "rider" coverage or our highly recommended jewelers mutual insurance, you MUST have a signed and cosigned jewelry appraisal letter. We have a GIA graduate gemologist to assist in appraisals and "stone verification" services. Go to http://www.perfectcircleinsurance.com/ to get the quotes for Jeweler's Mutual.

Jewelers Mutual Insurance (JMI)
In almost 20 years, we have NEVER had a JMI covered item which was denied replacement for any reason.

The number two reason you may need an appraisal is because a loved one has passed away and that person's jewelry is part of an estate that needs to be settled between multiple family members. These kind of estate appraisals are also important to be accurate in case the I.R.S. wants a certain percentage of the Death Tax. Lastly, jewelry replacement appraisals are also performed to determine what a piece is worth in a RESALE situation or authentication process. When people buy jewelry or gems on the internet, many times they really don't know what it is worth. J. Thomson Custom Jewelers has 20 years internet experience with over 100 websites, therefore we have seen, and experienced many forms of jewelry fraud and misrepresentation on finished jewelry as well as loose gems and diamonds.

Let us assist you in an expert manner with any form of the appraisal process.

Jewelry Repair and Restyling

J. Thomson Custom Jewelers can repair almost anything in-house including ostume jewelry. Many jobs like chain solders, simple settings can be done in 1 to 3 days. More complex jobs like platinum retipping, stone resetting, and multiple reprongings take 3 to 7 days. Our skilled artisans with 110 years of combined experience can modify, and restyle many vintage pieces as well as create a more modern look. We examine hte piece carefully before you leave so that you get an accurate receipt. We test your diamonds and mark on the receipt any "abnormalities" in the piece that you may be unaware of - then we give you an insured value on the receipt in case of loss. In 20 years, we have never lost or destroyed by accident a client's family ring or other jewelry. You always get a quote before you leave our store. All workmanship is guaranteed for one year.

Estate Jewelry Evaluation / Consignments

We offer the only free evaluation service on estate or used jewelry for possible resale. Bring your old jewelry from inheritance or divorce and we will give rough values for your use in estate selling or tax purposes. On pieces valued more than $500 we offer a minimum $20 appraisal fee on estates of 100 pieces or more. We do this in the store for walk-ins or via the Internet with emails digital images. After evaluation we can recommend several sale alternatives. We can buy outright for a fair price or E-Bay selling environment. If you sell it yourself on Craig's List, you can do the cash transaction in our VERY SAFE store fore FREE. Finally, if your item is sellable, we are one of only a few stores Oklahoma City that offers consignment with a dedicated Estate Case. Our fee is 20% of the sale price, and we make sure you know the minimum level that you could receive.

Loose Diamond/Metal Purchases

Sometimes we can arrange a purchase of your larger diamonds and scrap gold depending on our needs and your expectations. We are NOT a pawn shop but we always will offer advice for your selling and give you the best offer for the quantity. If you sell us gold we always return your stones within a few days. We do give 90% in trade value against any job or purchase you make!

Free Jewelry Cleaning And Inspections

At J. Thomson Custom Jewelers, all jewelry cleanings and inspections are FREE. If it needs and acid cleaning, you will have to leave it overnight. Otherwise, we can clean and polish it in less than 5 minutes while you wait. We also inspect the ring carefully for sharp prongs, worn prongs, and loose stones. If repair work is needed, we can give you a quote at that time. We will offer this service, even if we did not sell it.

Watch Repair Services

We replace batteries for $10, the lowest, and fastest service in the city! We also have a watch repair service with an expert watch repair specialist. Bring in the watch before Thursday, and we usually have a very fair quote in 2 days. We can usually repair a watch in 7 to 10 days. The service includes watch crystals replacement, clean oil and adjust (COA). Numerous other mechanical services or replacement parts can be installed . We offer watch repair on all watches including Rolex, Tug, Hamilton, Omega, and hundreds of less known brands. We do NOT fix Citizens, or Seikos if the broken watch needs a part. These must be sent to the manufacturer. Our watch service also includes link removal, and lengthening; as well as pin replacement, and new watch band purchases.

Layaway and Payment Flexibility

Our company is the only jewelry custom design studio world-wide that offers FREE LAYAWAY payments on custom jewelry projects up to 6 months and with at least 50% down. With military personnel, we extend this offer to 12 months at 30% down in our appreciation of their commitment and sacrifice to our nation. Even repairs and restyling can be paid for over several months if that helps you, our customer.

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